Well, it all started way back in 1995 when I was walking up the street in the urbanization where I live and I hear this constant bass sweep. I was ignorant to the bass. I went up to the house that had these loud bass sweeps and I said "DAMN"!

The house was shakin, pots and pans droppin, I said to myself WTF! Funny thing, it was coming from my friend’s house. My friends brother bought a down firing 15" sub. He had it connected to a 1000 watt car amplifier with an 85 ampere power supply to run it.

I started to talk to him about the set-up and such and then I made friends with him. I was interested in the Bass because I was freaked out at how this "Sound" was able to rumble things like an earthquake. The song he was playing was BASS EXPRESS by Bassman DJ Fury.

As time passed, I started to buy Bass CD's. Lots of ‘em I loved. Some of them had cool rhythms but did not satisfy me much with the low notes. I kept on searching for the perfect beat. I bought Bass Mekanik's album 'Bassist Hits' thus the songs are second to none and it’s a great album. My sister's husband introduced me to E-Jay (A music making program). I made approximately 100 songs with the program. I started playing around a program called Fruity Loops which a friend from university introduced me to.

With Fruity Loops, I have made a bunch of experimental tracks. Some of which landed on Soundclick. One day, I was watching TV and saw a commercial of ZALES. I liked the piano rhythm. I decided to "Pimp up" the piano riff of that song until Bass, I Love You came out. When I finished the song, I new that the song would be a hit. The rest is history.

Bassotronics: The Legend


By the year 2000 bass music had been losing originality. Some artists disappeared and others that remained were making tracks that had no WOW factor. But this was bound to change. The year was 2003 and something remarkable happened…….

An alien bass head from planet Nep-Tune came to earth to free the earthling bass heads of corny rhythms and lack of originality.

The song "Bass, I Love You" was the bombshell that took earth by storm. It is a song of passion and love for bass music.

Bassotronics arrived with that song to unite all bass heads and keep our love of Bass music forever in our hearts.

The work of Bassotronics did not stop there, he continues to make tracks that keep the people of earth craving for more bass.

A living bass legend who continues to make great bass jams forever until his heart fades away….

Bassotronics - The Future is Bass, full bandwidth version:
Bassotronics - The Future is Bass, MP3 version:

Bassotronics - Bass Buttons Activated, full bandwidth version:
Bassotronics - Bass Buttons Activated, MP3 version:


Eastern Bass, full bandwidth version:
Eastern Bass, MP3 version:

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