DJ Droppin



Residing in Oregon along the West Coast, DJ Droppin’ arrived on the scene in 2000 striving to create bass music with new innovative and creative sounds with punishing low end. As time has progressed so has his music, as he pushes to master his craft with the goal of keeping bass music alive. Droppin’s music takes you anywhere from a slow, ambient techno bass sound, to a good degree of atmosphere created with a more mellow chilled piano element, to a no-nonsense hardcore bass sound, and to a sci-fi outer worldly experience.

  Regardless, either way the bass will annihilate your sub-woofers with devastating low frequencies.  

  He is also known by his other alias "Bass Launch" in which he creates a wide variety of bass driven music all the while keeping low frequency top priority.

  If you like music that will pound your subwoofers into oblivion then you will definitely be satisfied. In 2010 DJ Droppin was approached by DJ Billy E, and by early 2011 he was signed to Bass Mekanik Records. He is now a proud member of the Bass Mekanik team.

Artist quote: "HUGE thanks to Billy E Okon and Neil Case for giving me this opportunity."

DJ Droppin' - Catastrophic Bass, full bandwidth version:
DJ Droppin' - Catastrophic Bass, MP3 version:

DJ Droppin' - Droppin Beats, full bandwidth version:
DJ Droppin' - Droppin Beats, MP3 version:


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