DJ Wuzisname


My fascination for music began around 8 or 9. I would sit around watching my dad play his guitar and wanted to emulate him. It took me a bit of begging for him to let me try as I was so young and I am sure he was concerned as to what my true intentions were in playing his guitar.

My intentions were to recreate the well orchestrated sounds he was playing. I played that old airline guitar till my fingers were so sore that I was putting band aids on them just to keep playing. As soon as he noticed that I really had an interest in music, he give me Mel Bay's book of chords and helped me to learn the 6 basic major and minor chords, along with teaching me a few songs to play with them.

My style in music has been through many phases, but I have always enjoyed the creative process. My own music started out as metallic rock, but it was not long before I went to my first night club and that really changed my taste in music.

Personally, my flavor of music would have to be Bass, Breaks, Drum & Bass & DubStep & some Hip Hop.

So, as a producer, I try to incorporate all this into my productions.  Most of all when you listen to my music, you are hearing that drive that is still in my blood to be the best at my craft as I possibly can and produce the cleanest deepest bass lines and perfectly blended mix of synth effects and drums.

The bass lines I am producing now will be so low you will need to use extreme caution when played loudly around the earth’s natural fault lines so that you don't cause any unexpected natural disasters.


Operation:Bass, full bandwidth version:

Operation:Bass, MP3 version:

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